Conversions to LPG

We offer to all customers the rebuilding of their vehicles under favorable conditions. Vehicles rebuilt in our country have an exit and first review of LPG for free.
Sequential gas injection re-injection rates including direct injection for FSI, TSI, TFSI, GDI.

  • 3-4.cylinder include FSI,TSI,GDI od 23 990,- include 21% VAT
  • 6. cylinder include FSI,TSI,GDI od 25 790,- include 21% VAT
  • 8. cylinder include FSI,TSI,GDI od 27.990,- include 21% VAT
  • 10. and more cylinder from 28 990,- include 21% VAT

Prices are indicative and are calculated based on the particular vehicle type and the conversion system used.

We are using this brand systems:

  • BRC

Individually we repair and rebuild other manufacturers for example STAG,MAGIC,DIEGO etc.